Heatworks designs and installs HVAC systems to create a productive atmosphere in any office environment. Quiet, unobtrusive and responsive – the only thing that lets you and your staff know it’s a Heatworks solution is simply by the fact that people are comfortable and alert all year round.

Of course behind the scenes there is a huge amount of technology powering the HVAC system, reacting to minute changes in the climate exactly as they happen. Many clients also see hot/cold water as being integral to their HVAC solutions and we also specialise in systems which minimise environmental impact.

We can provide scalable HVAC solutions which can cover any type of office, from a multi-storey development to a single, open plan, office.

Mechanical and Electrical Services

Ailsa House

The gas fired boilers plant serving the Ailsa House had passed their 20 year life cycle.
Mechanical Ventilation, Heat Recovery, Heating and Cooling

Central House

Heatworks have been long associated with the installation and maintenance of the HVAC system at Central House.
Mechanical Ventilation, Heating and Cooling


Dantzic is a Grade II Listed building designed and constructed in a Dutch modernism style purpose built for office use
Mechanical and Electrical Services

Dean Clough

The Dean Clough site covers 22 acres, originally 1 million sq.ft. of floor area, stretching over half a mile from one end to the other.
Heatworks can provide a variety of solutions to assist in this process, for a free site survey please call us on 01274 852900.
The Heatworks Group offers a complete building services solution.
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